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Who we are

Associated Weavers, a UK brand since 1964

Associated Weavers (AW) is one of the leading European manufacturers of tufted wall-to-wall carpet and a challenger to be reckoned with in the world of luxury vinyl flooring.

The company’s 630 dedicated employees achieve an average production and sale of 26 million square meters of carpet each year, which translates into a turnover of around 172 million euros. Associated Weavers exports to over 55 countries, with the UK being its primary market. From its headquarters at the iconic Dean Clough Mills in Halifax, the company over the years has built strong and lasting relationships with its partners nationwide.

A passion for flooring, thorough product knowledge and an eye for great design are the strengths of Associated Weavers’ 40-strong dedicated UK sales team. By keeping a close watch on the trends and innovations in terms of colour, texture and technique in interior decorating, the company succeeds in standing out from the crowd with creative and contemporary carpet and flooring for the residential market.

With luxury vinyl flooring, carpet tiles and wall-to-wall carpet, Associated Weavers is now also determined to become a trustworthy name in commercial flooring. Always a marketing trailblazer, Associated Weavers is sure to create commercial concepts as successful as its notorious residential brands, like Invictus®, iSense® and Sedna®.

Mission statement

"We want to be the preferred supplier of trendy, innovative and value-for-money broadloom carpet and flooring to specialist flooring distributors.
In our daily striving to achieve this ambition we will always honor our core values: integrity, respect for man and the environment, loyalty, passion and commitment."


The story starts in 1964, when the American carpet manufacturer Trend Mills decides to start a subsidiary in Ronse, Belgium.

Five years later, in 1969, another American concern, Champion International, takes over Trend Mills and a second company, British Associated Weavers, from Bradford in West Yorkshire.

At the time Associated Weavers was the most important producer in the world of woven Axminster carpet and Europe’s biggest manufacturer of printed tufted carpeting. Shortly afterwards Associated Weavers starts tufting and printing broadloom carpeting at the branch in Ronse, Belgium. Associated Weavers Europe is now a fact.


In 1984 Champion International discontinues carpet production.

The result is a management buy-out, in 1984, followed by the establishment of the holding company Associated Weavers International (AWI).

In 1990 AWI takes over the Belgian company Prado, in Kuurne, Belgium.

Set up in 1909 as a weaving mill for furnishing fabrics, Prado makes both woven and tufted wall-to-wall carpet and rugs.

In 1997 AWI is launched on the Brussels stock exchange – the first Belgian carpet manufacturer.

In 1998 AWI acquires a factory in the Czech town of Liberec.

At this factory mainly labour-intensive work such as finishing carpet runners and play mats for children is carried out.

In 2001 AWI takes over the French company Balsan. A crown jewel of takeovers.

Balsan is specialised in broadloom carpeting for contract applications such as hotels, public buildings, schools, etc.

This takeover complements AW’s activities nicely, as until then it had aimed mainly at the residential market (decoration of private homes).

In 2006 AWI is acquired by Stephan Colle’s Beaulieu Kruishoutem Group through a public takeover bid.

In same year Papilio is established, focussed on the import and distribution of trendy rugs from the Far East.

In the period 2008-2009 AW concentrates all Belgian production and logistical activities at the site in Ronse.

Since 2010 AW has been part of Belgotex International Group.

“Carpet your life” and the five life styles (Simple Life, City Life, World Life, Sweet Life and Classic Life) were exhibited for the first time at Domotex 2010 within the setting of an inspiring stand that exuded atmosphere and customer experience. AW will, in fact, make it a point of honour to be present each year at Domotex with an impressive stand that offers much to experience and where it’s pleasant to spend some time.

AW, which for years had been pursuing a volume strategy in the medium-low segment of the market, and was seeking in vain to achieve satisfying business results, had a particularly difficult time.

The strategy was adjusted by a heavy emphasis on the development of trendy, value-for-money products brought into market via innovative marketing concepts. Investments were made in a complete rebranding, with the new logo integrating the tagline “Carpet your life” as the prime feature.

The slogan “Carpet your life” is no less than an invitation to the end consumer to choose a carpet from among a series of new collections offered in an inviting “Butterfly” display per colour, based on five universal life styles.

Associated Weavers

The launch of Sensualité at Domotex 2014.

An “emotionally engaging customer experience” in a mysterious “Black Box” constituted a valuable marketing support for this unique brand and the associated “super soft” carpet collections that, to this day, have no equal in the market. The tasteful, compact displays with refined black-and-white photography and compact bundles of samples remain unmatched today.

The video clip for Sensualité won bronze in the “Best Direction” category at the “2014 International Television and Film Awards” in New York.

At Domotex 2015, AW launched a new brand: “Invictus®”, bearing the tagline “Great carpet – invincible comfort”. “Invictus®” represents matchless comfort based on iVinci®, an SDO high-filament yarn that gives “Invictus®” a unique combination of body, texture, lustre and softness. The product launch event in the black box – with the Maori people playing a leading role – met even more success than Sensualité® did the previous year, and the new displays (duo stands) were also greeted enthusiastically.

A few months later, the “Invictus®” introductory film carried off no fewer than 4 prestigious prizes at the “2015 International Television and Film Awards” in the Big Apple.

AW puts the ‘AW’ in Awareness - As carpet manufacturer, Associated Weavers is aware of the important role it can play in the journey towards a more sustainable use of plastics.

Along with Healthy Seas & ECONYL® we are on a mission to clean the seas of marine litter. And we’re acting now! By collaborating with the fishing industry and farms and with the help of volunteer divers from Healthy Seas, ghost fishing nets are being collected worldwide. Then, along with other waste, including old carpets that otherwise end up in landfill, they’re regenerated into virgin nylon yarn through the ECONYL® process. This yarn can be reused time and time again while maintaining its excellent quality.

From this sustainable yarn, the Sedna carpet brand was born. Named after the legendary Inuit goddess of the sea, this super soft luxury carpet brand comes in alluring ranges, each named after an aquatic god(dess).

In addition to the use of sustainable yarn, Sedna® carpet also has an ECO FusionBac textile back, made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.

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The established carpet brand Invictus® now brings you luxury vinyl flooring

Since its launch in 2015, Invictus® has been the ultimate reference in the for comfortable broadloom carpet. With its dense pile, Invictus® carpet will make you prefer the carpet to the sofa. Associated Weavers, the makers of Invictus® carpet now present Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring. With the same attention to quality, the same eye for exclusive designs, and a unique performance level, Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect match to Invictus® carpet.

Associated Weavers stands out from the crowd as to carpet & flooring, branding and in-store solutions. The Invictus luxury vinyl flooring concept and display is no exception to that rule. The attractive branding and visuals will be the highlight of any shop, immediately attracting customer’s attention. Associated Weavers has reinvented the in-store display and brings a tool with an intuitive module that is sure to offer a great customer experience and guide customers through an efficient and fun-to-do purchase process… The symbiosis between traditional samples and digital journey is unseen in the flooring business.

When it comes to delivering a great performance, nothing beats Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring. The name is no coincidence: in Latin, “invictus” means “invincible”. Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring is sure to meet all your expectations. 

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With luxury vinyl flooring, carpet tiles and wall-to-wall carpet, Associated Weavers is now also determined to become a trustworthy name in commercial flooring. Always a marketing trailblazer, Associated Weavers is sure to create commercial concepts as successful as its well-known residential brands, like Sensualité® and Sedna®.


At AW, we do our job so you can excel in yours. Trust us to take care of your floor, so you can focus on satisfying your customers.

As a professional, you know that success is all about dedication and attention to detail. Your floor may not be the core of your business, but it literally is the foundation for you to build success on.

Choosing wisely is key, but with AW Commercial Flooring you can’t go wrong. With a complete collection of luxury vinyl flooring, broadloom carpet and carpet tiles there’s always a solution tailor-made to your needs.

AW - We've got UK covered!

As one of the leading carpet & flooring suppliers in the UK market, improving our service to our customers is a continuous passion of ours. We strive to reinforce our strong customer relationships by introducing efficient ways to service our customers in a transparent and agile manner.

Today we are excited to announce our new UK based cut length and dispatch operation based in Northampton.

AW as part of Belgotex

Today AW is part of the successful interior textiles group Belgotex International.

At the end of 2010 the Colle family decided to bring all of its companies together in one group. This decision resulted in a strong synergy in terms of technology, marketing and product development. In the floor covering segment for the contract markets (hotels, public buildings, schools etc.) the advantages of this synergy are particularly noticeable.

Global manufacturing

Associated Weavers

Associated Weavers (AW) is one of the biggest producers of tufted broadloom carpet in Europe. The company is headquartered in Ronse, in East Flanders, Belgium.


Balsan continues to stand out with creative products and cutting-edge industrial tools. Their Arthon factory is dedicated to the manufacture of broadloom carpets, while their Neuvy-Saint-Sépulchre factory specialises in the manufacture of carpet tiles.

Belgotex Fabrics

Belgotex Fabrics is a specialist manufacturer of high-quality jacquard fabrics for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. They partner with leading textile wholesalers throughout Australasia.

Belgotex South Africa

Belgotex is Africa’s leading carpet and artificial grass manufacturer. As a soft flooring specialist they design, make and distribute high-quality broadloom and modular carpets with custom solutions available to the commercial market. Their extensive product portfolio includes luxury and specialist vinyls and artificial grass.

Belgotex do Brasil

Beaulieu do Brasil started their operations in 2000, with the vision to cater for both the residential and commercial sectors. They pride themselves in offering their customers innovative flooring solutions.


Nyobe, Belgium’s premier producer of high-grade nylon 6 polymers and PA6 BCF yarns. Catering experience and excellence to a rapidly evolving industry, Nyobe specialise in the proactive development and international distribution of intermediate nylon products that are a staple of the compounding and carpet spinning markets.

Global distribution

Belgotex Africa

We are proudly represented in Angola, Botswana, Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Seychelles, South Africa, United Republic Of Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Belgotex Australia

With their head office based in Coolum Beach, Queensland, Belgotex Australia, offer a wide variety of flooring options that include carpet broadloom and tiles, custom carpet, vinyl flooring, and artificial turf.

Belgotex India

We are proudly represented in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, Noida and Pune.

Belgotex Middle East

We are proudly represented in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

Belgotex New Zealand

Belgotex New Zealand supplies premium carpets and flooring throughout New Zealand. They believe that everything they do should creatively challenge the flooring / interiors status quo.