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Luxury vinyl flooring

Great flooring, invincible performance

When it comes to delivering a great performance, nothing beats Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring. The name is no coincidence: in Latin, “invictus” means “invincible”. Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring is sure to meet all your expectations.

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Explore all LVT products

Vinyl looks

The design of luxury vinyl flooring embodies the combination of aesthetics and functionality, offering a wide range of patterns, colours and textures that can mimic the appearance of natural materials such as hardwood, stone or ceramic.

Make your project come to life with the help of the Invictus® room visualiser!

Choose a room, capture a photo with your smartphone or upload your 3D render to explore the myriad options provided by Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring.

Discovering the perfect floor for your space is a breeze. Explore the possibilities today!


Associated Weavers is your ideal flooring partner for your home, your office or any commercial project. Invictus flooring has a tailor-made solution to suit your needs!

Invictus: Great flooring - Invincible performance

Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring offers nothing but invincible benefits. It will meet all that you expect of a great floor, delivering on all the important characteristics.

Invictus® luxury vinyl flooring has many options to choose from, in three ranges: Invictus® Primus, Maximus and Maximus Click. The best choice for your home? It all depends on both your design dreams and installing preferences.

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